Instance Segmentation Assistant

The instance segmentation assistant is one of our two AI assistants. This assistant will help you with finding, creating, and labelling polygons and offers an exponentially quicker way of preparing data for instance segmentation.

It can be selected by pressing this iconor by pressing “I”.

Important: The assistant will not be available when you start a new project. The reason for this is that to work, the algorithm first needs data. That data is the annotations that are made in a project. We start training the tool after you have have set 10 images to "Done" or "To review".

Using the assistant

The assistant is straightforward to use. When selected, you will see polygon shapes with an orange dotted border like this:

Notice that these shapes can have different colours. These colours are the same as your label classes, but a bit more transparent. What you are shown here are potential objects that our algorithm have found in your image, and what label class the algorithm think the object has.

For you as a user, the only thing you have to do to accept our algorithm’s suggestion is to left-click on the shape you want to select.

You can also accept all suggestions, as we do in the GIF above, by pressing "enter".

If you don’t see any shapes or if they are not covering the objects in the way that you want, you can adjust the confidence modifier.

If you are curious about seeing the assistants in practice before you start a new project, check out our Getting started with Hasty tutorial.


This modifier controls which potential shapes you are shown. The higher the confidence value, the fewer potential shapes you see, but those polygons are the ones that our model is the most confident in. The modifier can be changed by adjusting the value in the tool settings bar or by using the hotkeys “,” and “.”.


When the assistance becomes available for use, you will receive a notification that you can now start using it.

Can’t find what you are looking for in our documentation? Get in contact with me, Herbert Janssen, community manager here at Hasty by emailing [email protected] if you have any questions or need help.