Class Predictor Assistant

The class predictor tool is the first of our AI powered features to kick in on a project. The goal of this assistant is to remove the need to specify what class of object you are labelling. Thus, speeding up the labelling process. Once the tool is activated (after our model has seen enough objects to predict the object's class to a certain accuracy level) it will override the label class selected by the labeller, assigning it the class it predicts.

It can be selected by toggling the button at the top of the screen. (when available) If the assistant is not yet available it will be greyed out. It will become available a couple of minutes after you have created 25 annotations in a project.

Important: The assistant will not be available when you start a new project. The reason for this is that to work, the algorithm first needs data. That data is the annotations that are made in your project.

In our internal testing of Hasty, we have seen that having about 5-10 labelled objects per class often will produce acceptable results for class prediction to work.

Using the assistant

Using this assistant was designed so that the user does not have to do anything. The assistance will simply change the label class of the labelled object and then send you a notification of the class the label was changed to.


When the assistance becomes available for use, you will receive a notification that you can now start using it.

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